Enrollment & Curriculum

Providing a Foundation for Academic Success

Our campus is home to world-class faculty and high caliber students. We work hard to empower and engage them through innovative services and initiatives that advance knowledge and provide the very best educational environment.

Collaborating closely across multiple units and offices, we strive to recruit and admit the best students, employ advanced algorithms and predictive modeling to inform policy decisions, deliver financial aid that puts students in a position to succeed, ensure our undergraduate students have the classes they need to graduate on time, and pursue innovations in teaching, learning and online environments.


Student Success

Students who graduate in four years begin their careers or pursue graduate education sooner than their peers while incurring less student loan debt. Parents save money on tuition. The university proudly sends better equipped graduates into the world as representatives of the university while gaining additional capacity for new students, increasing fiscal responsibility through efficiency.

Office of Admissions

Recruits and admits students who have the potential to thrive on campus, and possess the qualities and attributes to build an effective and dynamic learning community.

Office of Financial Aid

Provides financial services to assist students in realizing their dream of graduating from UT Austin, and promoting financial education, responsibility and awareness across campus.

Office of the Registrar

Create, maintain, certify and protect records of course and degree services, including registration, grades, tuition and payment, course schedules, transcripts, diplomas, and numerous others.