University Leadership Network

Leading as a Longhorn

The University Leadership Network is a program designed to help students develop leadership skills while achieving academic success consistent with graduating in four years. ULN includes a comprehensive four-year plan that involves training, experiential learning opportunities, community and university service, as well as the chance to engage in self-reflection regarding leadership development.

$20,000 Scholarship

ULN awards each student up to $20,000 in scholarship funding over four years. Students receive $5,000 per year in monthly installments during the fall and spring semesters. They also receive a $1,000 scholarship payment the first month of both fall and spring semesters, and three $500 monthly scholarship payments for the remainder of each semester. This scholarship is in addition to any other grants or scholarships.

Four-Year Roadmap

Participants begin their first year with interactive training followed by opportunities to apply their new leadership skills. In the second through fourth years, students will participate in on-campus experiential learning opportunities, continued leadership development and opportunities to engage in community and university service.

Program Requirements

In order to receive this scholarship, first-year participants agree to the following requirements.

  • Attend weekly Leadership Speaker Series and small group application sessions (two hours total)
  • Complete 10 hours of university/community service each semester
  • Complete 30 hours of coursework before beginning your sophomore year (24 hours in-residence at UT Austin)
  • Maintain a minimum cumulative 2.0 – 4.0 GPA
  • Attend University Leadership Network events (approximately one to two per semester)

Student Benefits

  • Earn up to $5,000 each year in financial assistance – that’s $20,000 over four years!
  • Receive monthly $500 disbursements throughout the fall and spring semesters.
  • Develop leadership experience that spans the classroom, community and workplace.
  • Engage in experiential learning opportunities.
  • Receive professional development training for the workplace.
  • May use the University Leadership Network as their 360 Connection.

Each academic year, your participation requirements will evolve as you progress towards graduation. For example, second year ULN students participate in on-campus internships after completing their foundational year of training. You can view the four-year plan here:

Click here to see the ULN Four Year Student Plan