Comprehensive Support for Student Success

We know we want our students to thrive academically and graduate in four years. How do we get there? In order to make an impact on our large campus, we tackle this goal from a variety of different angles. Whether it's helping them build a supportive social network as a freshman, using data and advanced algorithms to inform policy or reducing financial pressures to let them focus on their academics, we help students at every step of their college career.

Orientation Advising

360 Connections

Each fall, incoming freshmen are placed in a 360 Connection — a small, intimate group of freshmen who meet regularly and help bring each student's UT experience full circle. In a 360 Connection, students will immediately find a community of support, guidance, mentorship and friendship.


College Readiness

We want to ensure the 7,200 students who arrive on campus each year are prepared and ready for success. More students are being admitted to college in Texas and across the nation; however, many aren’t ready for college once they get there. UT Austin is changing that.


Predictive Modeling

Using data to drive success, we are able to maximize the enrollment of a high-quality student population. With more than 35,000 applicants last year, it is critical we make data-informed decisions to ensure the enrollment of a class that has the DNA to graduate in four years.

Student on computer

Degree Modernization

Today's students are using technology at unprecedented rates, and naturally, they are using it to navigate their academic experience as Longhorns. As a university, we understand what it takes to be successful in providing an innovative academic experience.


Guiding Policy

Recently, several administrators have examined the Task Force on Graduation Rates report to assess which policies could have a potential impact on four-year graduation rates and be implemented quickly. After all, we want to develop policy that makes it easier for our students to navigate academic success in four years.


Investing in Students

Ensuring students have access to opportunity is imperative to achieving success in four years. That's why we've allocated resources and are investing in our students by expanding our success programs and enhancing our scholarships to reward students for academic excellence and achievement.