Guidelines for Non-Student, Non-Employee Visitors in Research Laboratories

Scope and Intent:

Non-student, non-employee visitors are allowed to participate in research laboratory activities under the following guidelines. The Department Chair shall be responsible for insuring compliance with these guidelines for all research laboratories in the department.


  1. The faculty member responsible for the laboratory must invite the visitor to participate in the lab activities, and shall specify the time period for this participation.
  2. The faculty member shall be responsible for providing the visitor all the appropriate safety training and training specific to the operations of the laboratory in which the visitor will participate. The visitor must complete all training before participating in the laboratory activities and documentation of the nature, scope, and date of training shall be made and retained by the faculty member.
  3. The visitor shall be provided appropriate supervision at all times while participating in the laboratory activities. Consistent with good laboratory safety practices, no visitor shall be permitted to work alone in a laboratory.
  4. The visitor shall agree to these guidelines and complete the appropriate release and indemnification agreement. The responsible faculty member shall retain these forms.


Name: __________________________
Signature indicating agreement: __________________________

Faculty Mentor:

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Signature certifying compliance: __________________________