Faculty Advancement

The University of Texas at Austin is recognized for the outstanding quality of its faculty. Continuous evaluation is intended to enhance and protect the important guarantees of tenure and academic freedom through positive, thorough, fair and transparent processes.

Promotion & Tenure

The goal of the promotion and tenure process is to promote excellence with a thorough and objective review of the substance and merits of each faculty member’s case. The Provost’s Office maintains the General Guidelines and a number of other resources that faculty candidates and department administrators will use to prepare for and navigate the tenure and promotion process.

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Faculty Activity Report

All tenured and tenure-track faculty members, and all non-tenure track faculty members who are assigned at 50 percent or greater in a faculty position, are responsible for completing a Faculty Activity Report of their academic and professional activities each year.

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Annual and Comprehensive Periodic Review of Faculty

All faculty, tenured and non-tenured, shall undergo annual reviews following the Guidelines for Annual Review of Faculty, and all tenured faculty shall undergo comprehensive period review following the Guidelines for Comprehensive Periodic Review of Tenured Faculty

Peer Review of Teaching

Good teachers continually learn and develop. Peer Review, which combines the examination of course materials with in-class observations and collegial discussion, helps prompt this learning among faculty.

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Faculty Administrator Evaluation Policies

Strong leadership is integral to maintaining excellence in academics. As chief academic officer of the University, the provost also oversees the evaluation and selection of department chairs, academic chair center directors and deans.